The New Age of ITSM – What to Expect and How to Prepare


The contribution of ITSM towards business value is significant, and is slowly witnessing a resurgence with the adoption of exciting new technologies. This is good news, considering that ITSM was slowly finding itself being nudged to the sidelines. Adoption of Agile, DevOps, Cloud, Automation, Machine Learning (ML) and Artifical Intelligence (AI) has given ITSM greater relevance in addition to the contribution it has already been making towards operations. The multi-faceted demands of customers, goals of business expansion and the mandate to improve productivity have spurred this adoption of technologies to transform ITSM. Here is a peek at key technological developments on the ITSM front and what organizations need to do to be ready for it.

Field Force Automation – A gamechanger for your sales team

What was once viewed as a bittersweet development, is now turning into a gamechanger for entire sales teams. In a data-driven world, organizations in general and sales teams in particular have understood how Field Force Automation has complemented the feet on the ground with greater transparency, offering incentives for efficiency. Field Force Automation, which effectively is the digital capture of on field data for back end process, offers organizations and sales teams with accurate data points and statistics that aid in improving performance outcomes. With numerous advantages from an operational perspective, it has brought life to the worm graphs in reviews. Here is a deeper look at some of the more important benefits for sales teams.

Automation in ITSM – Changing The Status Quo for End-User Service Delivery

Digital Transformation does have parallels. Atleast when it comes to being inevitable for organizations, quite similar to how IT invaded businesses. What’s important here is the concept. By virtue of being an integration of similar or dissimilar technologies to bring about digitization, it cannot function with just one technology. And in the midst of the cut and thrust of this transformation, automation has emerged as a lynchpin, giving a fillip to ITSM.

Using Bots to Generate Leads from Marketplaces

Over the past few years, automation and Bots have been increasingly used in customer service. From automated voice response to messengers, increasingly Bots being used to improve the interaction – of Both your current and potential customers. It is indeed possible and being explored to use Bots to generate the leads for the sales team. For example, a Bot can be programmed to automatically browse online marketplaces like IndiaMart and TradeIndia to extract details like the contact points and supplier information. This data is loaded as a lead automatically into a CRM which can then be assigned to a salesperson and further enriched for conversion into an opportunity. Such advancement in automation, esp. Bot technology promises to revolutionize the sales process and its outcome.