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The future is in the clouds. With more portable applications, easier real-time compute cycles’ procurement, data integration platforms streamlining connectivity and cross-platform alliances, multi-cloud is rapidly transforming to omni-cloud. While taking advantage of increasingly differentiated cloud and application abstraction services to avoid vendor lock-ins, enterprises with freedom to seamlessly move across clouds, are increasingly seeing the cloud as a digital transformation and business continuity engine.

CMS IT Services’ Enterprise Cloud Fitness Check (CMS IT ECFC) examines current cloud maturity, application workloads, their dependencies on Servers, Storage, Network, and Security considering statutory and regulatory compliance. To drive accuracy, eliminate manual intervention, and accelerate deployment, CMS IT Services, to recommend Cloud Roadmap customised to you, uses pragmatic cognitive automation and robust cybersecurity principles.

Implementing CMS IT Services’ best-in-class Cloud Services will give enterprises:

Increase in Collaboration Efficiency

Scalability of Business Processes

Efficient resource utilization

To start your cloud- journey and realign current efforts to meet strategic long-term business objectives, CMS IT Services’ Enterprise Cloud Fitness Check (CMS IT ECFC) will use templates and questionnaires to guide you through cloud advisory services, assessment of the current IT ecosystem, design bases for the application, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and automation on cloud to provide personalised and customised Cloud roadmap. To schedule an ECFC, please write to us at

Delivering a production-grade, fully automated cloud application runtime through powerful, easy-to-navigate, and resilient applications unleash the full potential of the cloud. To harness these benefits, the fundamental decision to move to the cloud depends on the best migration path for application landscape. Depending on your specific business needs and use cases, there will be various strategies for migrating applications to the cloud. Multiple choices of cloud computing technologies and platforms address specific use cases and needs. CMS IT’s Cloud Services Spectrum includes:

Application Migration to Cloud

Cloud-native Application design and build

Hyperscale Cloud Integration

Managed Cloud Services with Automation

1. Application Migration to Cloud (7R methodology)

From the results of Enterprise Cloud Fitness Check (CMS IT ECFC) Assessment, CMS IT Services cloud experts use the proven 7R methodology (Retain, Replace, Retire, Rehost, Rebuild, Replatform, Refactor) to determine the primary strategy for your application landscape to be cloud-ready.

2. Cloud-native Application design and build (15 Factor application design architecture)

Cloud-native Applications harness the cloud’s most powerful advantages—flexible, on-demand infrastructure and managed operational services—and pairs them with continuous delivery, containers, microservices, and other cloud-optimised technologies. CMS IT Services cloud-native application architects use an evolved 15-factor design which integrates application, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and automation on and for cloud.

3. Hyperscale Cloud Integration and advancement

CMS IT Services‘ Hyperscale Cloud Integration and advancement make all the difference in achieving smooth operations and upscaling Cloud-ready, Cloud-friendly, Cloud-resilient, and Cloud-native applications and ensuring your business operates at its optimum level and consistently increased velocity. To leverage on the next-generation APIs, micro-services, containers, automation, low-code tools, big data integration, application security, and DevOPs, CMS IT Services has built strong and strategic partnerships with market leaders like Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Docker etc.

4. Managed Cloud Services with Automation

CMS Managed Cloud Services are adapted and adaptive managed services integrating high technical expertise for your complex cloud estate. 24×7 monitoring and management from our next-gen high-tech Network Operation Centre and i3C involves every element of your enterprise IT eco-system Cloud compute and storage, Virtual Private Networks, Software Licenses, Mail and Messaging systems, enterprise security covering identity, end-points, edge, application, systems, and data.

Data Center Management

In today’s scenario of data centre management, there are umpteen challenges filled with risks, mainly in data centre infrastructure management the key deliverables are maximum uptime, top-notch energy efficiency and optimum scalability. Our data centre operators provide highest performance within completely secured and safest environment. Summing up our widespread expertise and experience in DCM and operations support throughout the breadth of the portfolio, we are positioned to provide consistently optimized sustainable, secure and reliable performance 24X7X365 through our comprehensive range of integrated data centre solutions and global services.

24x7x365 Availability

Optimized Performance

Improved Security

Our focus area also comprises of a Software Defined Data Centre which includes:

Network Virtualization (SDN)

Storage Virtualization (SDS)

Compute Virtualization (SDC)

Hyper converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Software Define Wide Area Network (SDWAN)

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