As businesses embrace digital transformation such as the cloud, IoT, big data and mobility, without taking into account the importance of security, have often been left in the dust. Cybersecurity is #2 priority when it comes to digital transformation, next to the cloud investment as per the recent Altimeter survey. The technology advancement and continuous regulatory changes, increase the difficulty of securing business data and other key assets. Considering, Security in the early stages of digital transformation is a recent change.

CMS IT Services is a recognized leader in cybersecurity across industries, powered by DEFENSIBLE CYBERSECURITY, support you to manage risks in your digital transformation journey. Our comprehensive service portfolio and Integrated Cyber Security Command Centre (i3C), provides quick identification of risks and enhance visibility. We offer cybersecurity tailored to business contexts and act as a partner in your transformation journey.

Leveraging our strong partnerships and expertise we can help you solve some of today’s problems:

Build defenses and deception on the perimeter, at the end points, in network devices, in systems and applications that can scale with changing business environment
Detect security incidents and breaches as they happen. Manage malware, detect unpatched systems, determine control exceptions, establish risks and identify threats.
Respond to threats, either pre-emptively or post facto, through streamlined cybersecurity command or through automated procedures to address breaches.

CMS IT Services is committed to providing its clients with cybersecurity solutions that adapt their growing needs of cyber protection. Our Enterprise Security portfolio is fuelled by the vision to address the challenges of today and tomorrow and is based upon a framework called DEFENSIBLE CYBERSECURITY

Defensible Cybersecurity Contributes to all Cybersecurity Stakeholders.

Defensible Cybersecurity provides, the assurance that cybersecurity program is not only able to protect from increasing threats but is also able to scale to meet the ever-changing nature of business, thus providing real value of cybersecurity investments.
Defensible Cybersecurity provides unprecedented oversight of how well cybersecurity program is able to cope with planned or unplanned changes. This gives the confidence to provide assurance to leadership, that you are in complete control of your cybersecurity program
Defensible Cybersecurity provides the ability to analyze the state of cybersecurity in real-time, to refer to global intelligence so that business is ready to respond to events, incidents and breaches as they happen.
Defensible Cybersecurity provides all the design elements needed to configure a solution that is able to adapt to changes, reduce the threat surface, protect critical information and provides complete oversight of how business requirements are being continuously met.

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