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Artificial Intelligence – Humans and Machines working together


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AI is all about machines simulating the human intelligence. Cognitive Automation leverages the AI techniques that simulate human brain functioning, helping in complex processes towards decision making, task completion and achieving the goals. Automation has played a pivotal role in propelling this era of remarkable advancement to the next level.

Recently, a fortune 100 bank, $68 billion annual revenue and nearly 50,000 employees, improved their operational efficiencies through intelligent bots. Currently, they have deployed more than 2,000 bots, minimizing the cost by 30%, reduced time spent in handling complex processes by almost 50%, and achieved 100% error-free. Industry 4.0 in manufacturing is also primarily fueled by cognitive intelligence. Predictive analytics is being used to identify elements that can reduce production quality, causing subsequent failures. Continue reading Artificial Intelligence – Humans and Machines working together

Using Bots to Generate Leads from Marketplaces


Automation using bots to generate leads from marketplaces

Over the past few years, automation and Bots have been increasingly used in customer service. From automated voice response to messengers, increasingly Bots being used to improve the interaction – of Both your current and potential customers. It is indeed possible and being explored to use Bots to generate the leads for the sales team. For example, a Bot can be programmed to automatically browse online marketplaces like IndiaMart and TradeIndia to extract details like the contact points and supplier information. This data is loaded as a lead automatically into a CRM which can then be assigned to a salesperson and further enriched for conversion into an opportunity. Such advancement in automation, esp. Bot technology promises to revolutionize the sales process and its outcome. Continue reading Using Bots to Generate Leads from Marketplaces