The New Age of ITSM – What to Expect and How to Prepare


The contribution of ITSM towards business value is significant, and is slowly witnessing a resurgence with the adoption of exciting new technologies. This is good news, considering that ITSM was slowly finding itself being nudged to the sidelines. Adoption of Agile, DevOps, Cloud, Automation, Machine Learning (ML) and Artifical Intelligence (AI) has given ITSM greater relevance in addition to the contribution it has already been making towards operations. The multi-faceted demands of customers, goals of business expansion and the mandate to improve productivity have spurred this adoption of technologies to transform ITSM. Here is a peek at key technological developments on the ITSM front and what organizations need to do to be ready for it.

Field Force Automation – A gamechanger for your sales team

What was once viewed as a bittersweet development, is now turning into a gamechanger for entire sales teams. In a data-driven world, organizations in general and sales teams in particular have understood how Field Force Automation has complemented the feet on the ground with greater transparency, offering incentives for efficiency. Field Force Automation, which effectively is the digital capture of on field data for back end process, offers organizations and sales teams with accurate data points and statistics that aid in improving performance outcomes. With numerous advantages from an operational perspective, it has brought life to the worm graphs in reviews. Here is a deeper look at some of the more important benefits for sales teams.

5 Cyber Security Trends to Prepare for in 2018

 2017 saw notable businesses worldwide fall prey a windfall of global cybersecurity threats. While ransomware such as WannaCry and NotPetya, spread over 150 countries and held critical user data ransom, “undetectable” malware breached data repositories of large businesses such as Equifax, Verizon and KMart to rob them of confidential user data. Such global ransom campaigns and data breaches typically can cost companies millions of dollars in losses – not to mention loss of user trust.

Cloud Compliance is more complicated than you think

The dynamics of cloud infrastructure are changing rapidly, in response to the increasing number of security threats that data in the cloud is being subjected to. Most cloud service providers until recently were focused on data storage. With the increasing attacks on enterprise data, government and industrial regulations have become stringent and compliance has become mandatory than a value-add. Hence both organizations and Cloud Service Providers alike are shifting their focus from data storage to data security and compliance.

How Bots are taking over Mobile Apps

Possibly one of the few technological milestones that happened quietly and swiftly, bots have swarmed the customer care landscape, injecting innovation. ‘Smart Agents’ are predicted to handle four out of ten mobile interactions by 20201, and a Gartner study predicts that 85% of interactions will happen without a human at the other end2. Surprisingly, this quiet revolution of sorts has been happening on the sidelines of the popularity of apps and is all set to dwarf the success of apps. Three out of ten customers prefer a social media channel to interact with brands3, rather than a voice call. It is this comfort level that has added to the popularity of apps, and bots have gone a step further, bringing in interaction.