The contribution of ITSM towards business value is significant, and is slowly witnessing a resurgence with the adoption of exciting new technologies. This is good news, considering that ITSM was slowly finding itself being nudged to the sidelines. Adoption of Agile, DevOps, Cloud, Automation, Machine Learning (ML) and Artifical Intelligence (AI) has given ITSM greater relevance in addition to the contribution it has already been making towards operations. The multi-faceted demands of customers, goals of business expansion and the mandate to improve productivity have spurred this adoption of technologies to transform ITSM. Here is a peek at key technological developments on the ITSM front and what organizations need to do to be ready for it.

Agile ITSM

The underpinnings of Agile principles, when adopted in ITSM has the power to transform operations, delivering faster functionality. Agile will reduce the delivery time of software applications; this will be affected through a large number of small changes in deployment. However, organizations that have already incorporated continual service improvement (CSI) will find it easier to adopt Agile because cyclical practices would already be in place for improving quality. The inclusion of Agile would only make it formal.

Enterprise Service Management

ITSM across the enterprise -this is Enterprise Service Management in a nutshell. ESM solutions will track all business resources – including the status of service requests, repairs and orders in addition to workforce, components and assets. Organizations that are preparing for ESM, need to first map the solutions that they expect from ESM and carry out a thorough analysis to understand the systems that need to be integrated. This should then be followed by customization, including metadata, Client Script, Workflows, UI Screens, Reports etc.

Automation and AI

AI can be strategic value addition to the ITSM process. Backend processes and ticket resolution will be a lot sharper and effective with NLP and Automation in ITSM. Allotment of tickets in service desk operations as per various parameters will be a faster and automated process, resulting in faster resolution and reduced costs. This transformation is just one of many areas where automation of repetitive tasks and the use of AI can benefit ITSM, without tradeoffs in quality or CX. Operational productivity will improve significantly with automation, but, this requires workforces to embrace the new workflows for consolidating and streamlining ITSM.

About CMS IT Services

Digital transformation promises to usher in changes that will boost efficiency and reduce costs, while improving CX. CMS IT Services has partnered organizations transitioning towards the digital future. With sharp focus, proven expertise and delivered solutions through a portfolio straddling infrastructure management, product support, IT support, system integration, cloud support, information security, mobility and optimization of Microsoft applications, CMS IT has been the preferred delivery partner for solutions across industries. Success has stemmed by banking on the most suitable cutting-edge technology as a vehicle to deliver results. Recognized across industries for various performance metrics, including the coveted tag of the ‘Best Infrastructure Company of The Year’, CMS IT offers end to end solutions for businesses, by taking ITSM to the new age.


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