Over the past few years, automation and Bots have been increasingly used in customer service. From automated voice response to messengers, increasingly Bots being used to improve the interaction – of Both your current and potential customers. It is indeed possible and being explored to use Bots to generate the leads for the sales team. For example, a Bot can be programmed to automatically browse online marketplaces like IndiaMart and TradeIndia to extract details like the contact points and supplier information. This data is loaded as a lead automatically into a CRM which can then be assigned to a salesperson and further enriched for conversion into an opportunity. Such advancement in automation, esp. Bot technology promises to revolutionize the sales process and its outcome.

Why use bots for lead generation in marketplaces?

Users can log in and browse the online marketplace websites to locate leads and prospects. With the online world becoming data rich the marketplaces are creating value by providing more information about the leads. It is almost impossible for a human being to track all the data that gets updated. The updation corresponds to the change in the attributes of an existing customer or prospect. It is therefore important to be updated about changes. Statistics reveal that buyers who leave the least amount of information in a website are the ones who give more orders for the seller.

Against this background, a Bot can collect and deliver a wide and rich range of updated, actionable and effective data for the sales process that is near impossible otherwise.

How does this solution work?

A customer service Bot is typically hosted on a PC with a windows operating system. The Bot is configured to access the market places and the product categories from where the lead data has to be obtained. It can be executed with human supervision or it can be scheduled to execute at a particular time. The Bot uses the same credentials as a common user to login into the market place and generate lead information. The Bot can also handle other filter criteria to extract the information and directly upload the lead into a CRM application hosted on the cloud. If the data is already present as a lead, it updates the new information about the lead from the market place.

The first step of generating a lead in the lead management cycle is done automatically by the Bot. The Bot can also send the information about the availability of the product directly to the buyer in a predefined email format.

Benefits of using Bots for supporting the sales function

Using a Bot to generate the leads for the sales team comes with many benefits, advantages, and features such as:

    1. Increased number of leads from different marketplaces uploaded directly into SFDC
    2. Latest information on existing leads are updated automatically from market places
    3. Automatic emails are sent based on criteria to the leads
    4. Multiple market places can be searched using the Bot
    5. Multiple product criteria can be applied to search the market places
    6. Efficiency improved due to automation that eliminates common human errors
    7. Efforts reduced thru automation by the usage of the Bots
    8. Automatic capture and updation of any data enrichment on the leads done by the market place

Given these benefits and features, it is quite evident that using Bots for generating sales leads from marketplaces is an option that no business can ignore. A Bot solution that enables needs to be an integral part of the sales system of any business that depends on online marketplaces for its sales leads, prospects, and business.
CMS IT Services is an integrated IT infrastructure services leader with extensive expertise in automation, AI and end-user servicing. We develop customized automation solutions that optimize the complete business ITSM framework. Our solutions include bots with machine learning capabilities that can substantially enhance business operations including sales and customer service.

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