Anuj Vaid

EVP - CMS IT Services

Anuj Vaid

CEO – CMS IT Services

Anuj Vaid is the CEO at CMS IT Services. He has a vision to transform the company with modernized digital services, differentiated delivery models and explore new markets to enhance stakeholder value.

Throughout his career, Anuj has helped enterprises thrive in dynamic markets by executing impeccably and delivering transformative foundational changes. As an effective team builder, he has a unique ability to create motivated and successful teams.

He is responsible for executing CMS IT’s strategic agenda and contributes to the entire revenue generation chain. His role spans strategy development, practice leadership (automation, cybersecurity, digital, cloud & datacenter), sales enablement, and ecosystem partnerships.

He has a deep understanding of customers’ business needs garnered through many years in business analysis and a unique flair for using the right technologies to rapidly create efficiencies and scale businesses. He is a passionate advocate of continuously improving and reinventing enterprises. He champions a data-driven approach to portfolio and GTM planning and execution, making evidence-based improvements to strategies and processes.

Anuj has been a transformative growth leader throughout his 25-year career, having made market-changing contributions at Wipro (India& Middle East), Ross & Ramco Systems (North America). He has a stellar record of turning company portfolios into high-value outcomes, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and partnering with business, industry, and government leaders.

He has a PDGM degree in finance from S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research. He is based in Bangalore, India.

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